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Kiddush Cups

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Kiddush Cups

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Memory Photo Cup. One of the iconic Judaica pieces, no Jewish home is complete without at least one kiddush cup. Every Shabbat and a Jewish Festival, as well as major life cycle events including weddings and Brit Mila (circumcision) include blessings over wine, and a kiddush cup is Indispensable

Over the centuries, countless styles have emerged, and to this day Jewish artists and artisans strive to create new and ever more beautiful designs. Here you will find a very unique cup, customized and engraved with a loved one!

Made in 925 Sterling Silver only

Dimensions: Opening Diameter 68 mm Approx. 2.7 inches

Bottom (base) diameter 40 mm Approx 1.5 inches

Height- 85 mm Approx. 3.35 inches


With our exclusive process we guarantee the engrave image to last a lifetime.

We offer you this guarantee in writing as proof of our quality.

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